Survive and find your way out from the lost dimension.

Nameless archeologist coincidentally gets himself to a different dimension, where an ancient Egyptian-like and Mayan-like architecture is intertwined with advanced technologies. Help him to find a way back home.
Explore whole forgotten world in which all intelligent races failed to create a perfect world without hunger and wars, where everything is created with a devices that use pure solar energy. Fight unknown creatures and mutated humanoids, transform energy caps into ammo, armor amd upgrades and finally try to get back into your world.


*Seven types of weapons: grenade's launcher, rifles, handguns etc.
*Magical powers allowing the use of elements, such as fire and electricity.
*Fill your canteen with healthy water to survive.
*Lots of types of enemies you can fight on your way back home.
*Transmute system that allows you to make ammo, armor and upgrades.
*Fight big monsters and change your tactics accordingly. Use exploding barrels or collapsing buildings.
*High-end graphics made with Unity3D Engine.

Windows Xp/7/8/10, 2 GB RAM, 1 GB Graphics RAM, 10 GB Hdd or Mac os X 10.6 up.