Get over all obstacles on your way

The aim of the game is saving from the sinking ship. The player is represented as two passengers who should cooperate in order to save themselves. He will face numerous obstacles that he has to overcome: from fires, locked doors to flooded rooms, broken electronics and parkouring.

Get over all obstacles on your way.
You have to solve a chain of puzzles to get off the sinking ship. How not to be drowned, fight a fire, find a way around unfamiliar places, go through the dark and obscure compartments of the ship - you will face these and many other difficult situations.

Two characters.
You will have to control two characters who should operate like one team in order to survive. They will get stuck in this hell working separately. Cooperation is the key to success.

Passengers are in danger.
You will meet some trapped passengers on your way and they will need your help to get away. You will have to choose whether to be a "hero" and give a chance of survival to others or save only your own life. However, remember that each saved person can change the course of events. Moreover, the water fills the ship very quickly and there is no time to save each poor fellow.

The atmosphere of the sinking ship.
You are followed by rushing water; you feel sinister breath of death around the cold and half-destroyed wreckage of the cruise liner. This morning it was a place of relax and pleasure, but right now your only wish is to make a run of it. Scattered furniture, broken items, dead passengers. The game in 2,5d-format gives you a chance to have a look at an amazing story of the hope of salvation.

Windows XP/7/8/10, 2 GB RAM, 1 GB Graphics RAM, 4GB HDD or Mac os X 10.6 up