Explore the universe, upgrade your ship, make new allies and find a salvation for your people.

Take control of your deadly spaceship- Savior II, and rescue your planet from armageddon. Visit undiscovered galatics,
wild planets, and fight your enemies. Make new allies, earn resources to upgrade your ships, find out what've happened to your precedessor and get the mysterious Space-Blade.
We heard you like games, so we put a game in your game! Play Space Raid X, classic space shooter and beat your highscore!

*Story mode with 10 levels and different objectives
*Dynamic fights
*Three playable ships
*A lot of upgrades
*A lot of enemies to kill
*Boss fights
*Minigame "Space Raid X", classic space-shooter in 2D-Retro-Style.

windows Xp/7/8/10, 2 GB RAM, 1 GB Graphics RAM, 10 GB Hdd or Mac os X 10.6 up.